Hi, I’ve moved my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve redirected the domain so any links or access to will automatically reach the new site Unfortunately, I don’t believe that RSS subscriptions will be redirected. So if you still wan to subscribe to an RSS feed of my blog you need to go to the new site and hit the “Subscribe via RSS” button. Or just click this link: Subscribe to RSS. You can also subscribe to receive the postings via email as well.

This will be the last posting at the old site.


My company, Corporate Technologies, now has an official blog. Over at ctistrategy, my colleagues and I will be posting about important trends and findings in IT strategy. For example, Jesse St. Laurent’s newest post is about our view of the impact that SSD will have on storage products. Hope to see you over there.

Note that I will probably crosspost as appropriate between my personal blog and our corporate blog, but over time this blog will become more “personal” and the ctistrategy blog will be my business blog.

I’ll be teaching 4 half-day tutorials at the LISA conference in San Diego, CA. Hope to see you there (the week of Nov 8).

I'm going to LISA '08

Thought you might like to check out the blog of Avi Silberschatz – very good stuff. If you don’t know, Avi is Chairman of the C.S. Department at Yale U, and coauthor of our Operating Systems Concepts textbooks.

Here is his blog: Avi’s blog

I’ll be teaching (again) for USENIX at their annual general conference in Boston, MA USA during the week of June 22nd. Registration just opened and all of the conference details can be found at the USENIX site. I’ll try to attend the conference as well as teach my two tutorials (Solaris 10 Administration Workshop and Solaris 10 Security Workshop), but sometimes other work projects get in the way. Hope to see you there!

Just occurred to me that I never blogged about my book(s). The latest edition just came out – it’s Operating System Concepts with Java, 7th ed. It’s a partner to the other current edition Operating System Concepts, 7th ed. Together they are among the best selling operating system textbooks. The new book has a Java flavor, specifically in the examples and projects. Both are available from the usual sources including Amazon (OSC7th w/ Java, OSC 7th). The main URL for the books is There we keep the errata, slides for lecturers using the class, and links to other useful resources like sample exercises and solutions and on-line chapters.

Operating System Concepts with Java, 7th ed Operating System Concepts, 7th ed

This astounding snippet from David Byrne’s blog. (I’m a huge fan of all things David Byrne.)

Lastly: There are 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in the human body. That means we are basically a means for bacteria to become mobile, to complete their life cycles and to procreate. We think they are living off us, but it is we who are living for them.

Sort of reminds me of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which the mice run the world by producing specific results from the mazes that we make them run in our experiments.

Hi, I just updated my list of the “best” Mac OS resources to version 1.1. I categorized the entries, color coded them, and corrected a couple of errors. I also added a section on the “best” web sites as well so now it’s generically named “resources” rather than “applications”. Finally, I gave it its own page for easy access. Check out The “Best” Mac OS Resources here. And thanks for all the feedback. I’ll create version 1.2 soon to incorporate all the recommendations.

Late breaking news – Usenix is running some tutorials at the SANS 2007 conference in San Diego, and I’ll be teaching two of my workshops there. Here are the links for more information.
March 29 Solaris 10 Administration Workshop
March 30 Solaris 10 Security Workshop

Hope to see you there…

Have you noticed that almost always, contacting a company’s support organization results in a return email or phone hold message stating that the company is experiencing higher the expect volumes of communications?

If they are always receiving high volumes, should they start expecting that? And shouldn’t they do something about it?!
Also, I don’t recall ever hearing / reading that the company was experiencing lighter than expected volumes. <b>Now that’s a company I would do business with! </b>

Just for the record, I will accept no payments to promote any product, service, or web site in my blog. If I do receive a product for free or on loan I’ll make that clear.

Hi there, and thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Peter Galvin (also known as Peter Baer Galvin because there is another Peter Galvin that writes in technology).

I’m Chief Technologist of Corporate Technologies for my day job, where we sell data center products and provide consulting services around them. Our selection of data center products includes Sun (and StorageTek), Network Appliance, Juniper, Veritas, F5, 3Par, and a variety of other products. Most of my time is spent on all things Sun so I’ll be blogging most about that.

My personal web site talks about some of my other activities. In short I’m co-author of the series of Operating System Concepts textbooks, write a periodic / occasional column as a contributing editor at SysAdmin Magazine, and teach tutorials about Solaris, usual at the USENIX conferences.

I also love music, love gadgets, and oddly enough, collect fountain pens. I’m sure I’ll blog about those things over time. I will definitely blog about the fact that I recently moved from Windows to Mac.

“Hello World.“

Hello World is the traditional first communication with the outside world from a new programmer. I’m stretching its use a bit but it felt appropriate for my first blog entry. It’s about time that I embraced this ”new“ medium!