Since SysAdmin Magazine stopped publishing, I’ve been looking for a new place to write for. The USENIX association publishes a bi-monthly journal called ;login: for its members. In my view the contents there are always top-notch, so I was pleased when they invited me to write a column for them.

Feb 2008 marks the debut of “PATS” – Pete’s All Things Sun. (Cleverly, I managed to make the column name also the name of my favorite team :-).  ;login: is printed and shipped to members. USENIX also runs conferences and has other valuable member benefits, so if you are interested in all things Unix you should consider becoming a member.

;login: is also available on-line with some contents free but some members-only at ;login: . To make sure that everyone interested has access to my writings, I’ll post them here as well after they come out in ;login.

So without further ado, here is the first column, about my view of the “future of Sun”: ;login: Feb 2008 Galvin column


Hi, just updated The “Best” Mac OS Resources page again. This time incorporated a bunch of feedback and added some stuff I use but didn’t include the first time around. Hopefully this version 1.2 one won’t need updating for a little while…

Hi, I just updated my list of the “best” Mac OS resources to version 1.1. I categorized the entries, color coded them, and corrected a couple of errors. I also added a section on the “best” web sites as well so now it’s generically named “resources” rather than “applications”. Finally, I gave it its own page for easy access. Check out The “Best” Mac OS Resources here. And thanks for all the feedback. I’ll create version 1.2 soon to incorporate all the recommendations.