Hi there, and thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Peter Galvin (also known as Peter Baer Galvin because there is another Peter Galvin that writes in technology).

I’m Chief Technologist of Corporate Technologies for my day job, where we sell data center products and provide consulting services around them. Our selection of data center products includes Sun (and StorageTek), Network Appliance, Juniper, Veritas, F5, 3Par, and a variety of other products. Most of my time is spent on all things Sun so I’ll be blogging most about that.

My personal web site talks about some of my other activities. In short I’m co-author of the series of Operating System Concepts textbooks, write a periodic / occasional column as a contributing editor at SysAdmin Magazine, and teach tutorials about Solaris, usual at the USENIX conferences.

I also love music, love gadgets, and oddly enough, collect fountain pens. I’m sure I’ll blog about those things over time. I will definitely blog about the fact that I recently moved from Windows to Mac.