January 2009

Hi, I’ve moved my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’ve redirected the domain so any links or access to pbgalvin.wordpress.com will automatically reach the new site www.galvin.info. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that RSS subscriptions will be redirected. So if you still wan to subscribe to an RSS feed of my blog you need to go to the new site and hit the “Subscribe via RSS” button. Or just click this link: Subscribe to RSS. You can also subscribe to receive the postings via email as well.

This will be the last posting at the old site.


Just a quick note that we’re postponing the 6th NEOSUG meeting due to inclement weather and low registrations. For more details see the NEOSUG forum at http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=88485&tstart=0.

My latest column has been published in ;login:. I have attached it for your convenience. Dec 2008 ;login: column.