April 2008

The LISA (large installation systems administration) conference of USENIX has released its 2008 call for papers. I have a vested interest in spreading the word because I’m on the program committee and wants lots of (good) papers to read and select from.  LISA is a high-quality, refereed paper conference. The theme for LISA ’08 is “Real World System Administration.”

Have a look at the CFP and as appropriate please consider submitting a paper.


I’ll be teaching (again) for USENIX at their annual general conference in Boston, MA USA during the week of June 22nd. Registration just opened and all of the conference details can be found at the USENIX site. I’ll try to attend the conference as well as teach my two tutorials (Solaris 10 Administration Workshop and Solaris 10 Security Workshop), but sometimes other work projects get in the way. Hope to see you there!

My column has been published in ;login:. This month it’s about the Solaris Security Benchmark, which is a top-notch tool for checking and improving the security of your Solaris systems.  Some ;login: contents is freely available at ;login: April 2008, but my column this month is not one of them. I’ve posted the .pdf here for those without a USENIX membership (although I strongly recommend you get one if you are interested in all things Unix).