Since SysAdmin Magazine stopped publishing, I’ve been looking for a new place to write for. The USENIX association publishes a bi-monthly journal called ;login: for its members. In my view the contents there are always top-notch, so I was pleased when they invited me to write a column for them.

Feb 2008 marks the debut of “PATS” – Pete’s All Things Sun. (Cleverly, I managed to make the column name also the name of my favorite team :-).  ;login: is printed and shipped to members. USENIX also runs conferences and has other valuable member benefits, so if you are interested in all things Unix you should consider becoming a member.

;login: is also available on-line with some contents free but some members-only at ;login: . To make sure that everyone interested has access to my writings, I’ll post them here as well after they come out in ;login.

So without further ado, here is the first column, about my view of the “future of Sun”: ;login: Feb 2008 Galvin column