Peter Baer Galvin ( is the Chief Solutions Architect for Pluribus Networks (, a startup focusing on the next generation of network infrastructure by creating an intelligent Top-of-Rack server-switch. Prior to that he was the CTO for Corporate Technologies, a premier systems integrator and VAR ( Before that, Peter was the systems manager for Brown University’s Computer Science Department.

He has written articles and columns for many publications, such as being the Sun columnist for ;login: magazine ( He is coauthor of the Operating Systems Concepts and Applied Operating Systems Concepts text-
books ( As a consultant and trainer, Peter teaches tutorials and gives talks on security and system administration worldwide.

Get in touch with me via email: peter @  photo-28.jpg

One Response to “About”

  1. Nikolas Says:

    Hi Peter,

    I too am an application addict and like you when I search VT I look at the last update, the ratings and number of downloads to evaluate how promising an application might be.

    What frustrated me was that the applications where not organized in a useful manner. I would like to see all “Chatting” applications, all apps that will let me “Scan” documents, etc etc…

    To overcome this problem I started a the OS X Software Map Project, which can be found at

    Right now I have just started populating it with applications that I use but I would be curious to hear your ideas and opinions given our similar interest!

    All the best,

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