Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

I’m a fan of live music. Finding high quality, legally download-able (or at least stream-able) concert audio recordings is a rare treat. If you similarly like good live music free, check out these sites:

Wolfgang’s Vault Concert Vault – sound board recordings of many great 80s and 90s acts, streaming only.

NPR’s All Songs Considered – see the “live concerts” list on the left side of the main page. These are concerts recorded live at the 9:30 club in Washington D.C. (I think). Most are streaming only, but some are available for download. I’m listening to the White Stripes concert as I type this. Also on my list to check out there are Cat Power, M. Ward, Lucinda Williams, David Gray, James Brown, Arctic Monkeys…and the list goes on.

Fantastic stuff, highly recommended.


Have you noticed that almost always, contacting a company’s support organization results in a return email or phone hold message stating that the company is experiencing higher the expect volumes of communications?

If they are always receiving high volumes, should they start expecting that? And shouldn’t they do something about it?!
Also, I don’t recall ever hearing / reading that the company was experiencing lighter than expected volumes. <b>Now that’s a company I would do business with! </b>

Just for the record, I will accept no payments to promote any product, service, or web site in my blog. If I do receive a product for free or on loan I’ll make that clear.

Sun Microsystems has evolved from a company based on a closed-source proprietary operating system to one based on an open source operating system with a burgeoning community. These operating systems are one-in-the-same – Solaris. OpenSolaris is the non-commercial, open source distribution of Solaris. (Of course Sun still has its commercial Solaris for those wanting support.)

In the olden-days (in the 1990s), there used to be the Sun User Group (SUG). At one point I was even on the board of directors of SUG. But for various reasons, especially Sun’s lack of interest in having a user group, SUG fell apart.

Fast forward to the current century and Sun is encouraging user groups to form around the OpenSolaris banner. I’m a big fan of Solaris (in all flavors) and my company sells and supports Sun systems, so we’re doing our part and starting up the North East (U.S.) OpenSolaris User Group. Fortunately those initials give the new group the cool moniker NEOSUG.

The inaugural meeting of NEOSUG is Jan 31st, 2007 at Sun’s campus in Burlington Mass. All are welcome. This meeting will feature talks by Simon Phipps, Dave Miner, and myself. The purpose of this meeting is to give an overview of OpenSolaris, and then to have a discussion about what the attends want from NEOSUG (and what they can contribute). Everything is open for debate – how often to meet, where, what to cover, leadership, who to invite to talk, and so on.

So if you’re interested in OpenSolaris and if you are in the area, please make it a point to join us. There will be pizza and beverages (provided by Sun for this first meeting), and I have it on good authority that trinkets will be distributed.

Laura Ramsey is coordinating the meeting. Here blog and NEOSUG meeting details are here. You can register here.

For more information have a look at the NEOSUG web page. Hope to see you there!