Just a quick note that we’re postponing the 6th NEOSUG meeting due to inclement weather and low registrations. For more details see the NEOSUG forum at http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=88485&tstart=0.


My latest column has been published in ;login:. I have attached it for your convenience. Dec 2008 ;login: column.

Just posted at http://ctistrategy.com/, an overview of Sun 7000 Analytics, including a walk-through showing its powerful features and links to more information and a downloadable full-featured virtual 7000.

My company, Corporate Technologies, now has an official blog. Over at ctistrategy, my colleagues and I will be posting about important trends and findings in IT strategy. For example, Jesse St. Laurent’s newest post is about our view of the impact that SSD will have on storage products. Hope to see you over there.

Note that I will probably crosspost as appropriate between my personal blog and our corporate blog, but over time this blog will become more “personal” and the ctistrategy blog will be my business blog.

I’ll be teaching 4 half-day tutorials at the LISA conference in San Diego, CA. Hope to see you there (the week of Nov 8).

I'm going to LISA '08

My October 2008 column has been published in ;login:. This month it’s about Solaris System Analysis – detailed steps to take to determine why a system is “slow” or “busted”. Some ;login: contents is freely available at ;login:, but my column this month is not one of them. I’ve posted the .pdf here for those without a USENIX membership (although I strongly recommend you get one if you are interested in all things Unix).

The wiki that started with my August 2008 column will be expanded (as soon as I get the time) to include this new content. It’s very lonely having a wiki of one, so please consider contributing your thoughts to what I’ve started. It would be a great advance in systems administration if there was a canonocal source of first-step debugging information, and hopefully you will help make this wiki that source: http://wiki.sage.org/bin/view/Main/AllThingsSun

Thought you might like to check out the blog of Avi Silberschatz – very good stuff. If you don’t know, Avi is Chairman of the C.S. Department at Yale U, and coauthor of our Operating Systems Concepts textbooks.

Here is his blog: Avi’s blog